Acacia Days

A fully inclusive day camp for campers age 6-14 celebrating all that is wild and wonderful about recreation in Northwest Arkansas.

The Acacia Days Program

Acacia Days is designed to allow campers to get a feel for what Camp Acacia will be like without the commitment of saying overnight. It is meant to serve as an introduction to Camp Acacia and our model, focusing heavily on our activity programming. Each day will be dedicated to fully exploring one of our five activity areas utilizing a similar activity rotation schedule we use at Camp Acacia.

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Adventure Challenge

At Adventure Challenge our campers get to experience the joys of climbing, hiking, and soaring through Camp Acacia on our Zipline and Giant Swing. All out activities are fully accessible so EVERYONE and do EVERYTHING.

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Music and movement

Music and Movement has two primary focuses: 1) the experience and exploration of music, and 2) fun and fitness through group games and fitness activities.

When focusing on music, we will make music, listen to music, and dance to music all while exploring the therapeutic benefits of music. We approach music a form of recreation, rather than vocation.

When focusing on movement we are teaching group fitness activities appropriate to the age of our campers. With our older campers activities like yoga, zumba, and pilates will be taught. With our younger campers we focus on games that are often used in gym classes at schools. We teach both the physical and social aspects of the activity.



At our water front campers get the opportunity to swim, kayak, canoe, fish, and more. We have a fleet of fully accessible kayaks and canoes so campers can explore the water is the most independent and appropriate way for them. We also have a swimming pool with a zero entry ramp, splash pad, slide, and ton of room to play.

Arts and Crafts

At Arts and Crafts our campers have the opportunity to express themselves through a wide variety of arts/craft modalities including woodworking, painting, mixed media crafting, and more. At Camp Acacia we embrace the world around us and use it to inspire our creativity exploring the relationship between the camper, nature, and art.

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Sports at Camp Acacia is focused on commonly available community based sports activities such as biking, disc golf, soccer, basketball, and more.

Biking is a big focus of our sports program. Every camper will have the opportunity to ride a bike at Camp Acacia. We have bikes for all ability levels and all ages. We will ride on mountain bike and paved trails.

Our other activities are based on commonly offered community based sports activities. Campers will get to experience many different sports activities to discover what they may enjoy that are available where they live.