Acacia Explore

Through Acacia Explore, Camp Acacia currently offers two monthly community-based recreation events for our campers and their friends and family members.


Creating a Bridge to the Community


It is not enough to teach recreation skills to our campers. Knowing how to participate only at camp doesn't help our camper's long-term wellbeing, we need to make sure recreation skills transfer to the community. The best way to do this is to have the camper practice their new skills where long term participation will take place.

Through having our campers practice their new skills in our community, we are creating a bridge to lifelong recreation participation.

Exploring Northwest Arkansas

There are a huge number of great recreation opportunities available in Northwest Arkansas. We are one of the best areas for biking in the country. There is excellent hiking, kayaking, boating, climbing, and fishing for people of all ability levels right here in our back, and sometimes front, yards. We also have a vibrant arts community, great parks, and a large number of rec league sports options. All of this in on top of the fantastic places we have to go bowling, play miniature golf, watch movies, and do other more traditional recreation activities.

There are so many amazing things to do here, and we can't wait to do them with you and your camper.

Advocacy is Essential


Along with creating a bridge to community participation, Acacia Explore exists as a way to advocate for inclusion in recreation spaces. Creating spaces where everyone is welcome, and everyone can participate is essential, and we view it as a massive part of what we do. Showing recreation service providers the joy of having a place where all are welcome is essential to ensuring long term participation for our campers. More, we are working to give them the training and supports needed to ensure it is as easy as possible to include everyone.

Through Acacia Explore, we are advocating for more inclusion in the community for our campers and their families, always.

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