Camp sINGITA is for Campers aged 13-22 who would thrive in a 2:1 camper to Counselor Ratio




Fee Due:

June 21-28, 2020


JuNE 19, 2020 @ 6pm


Two to One Camper:Counselor Ratio

At Camp Singita, the camper to counselor ratio is 2:1 with a total camper to staff ratio of 1:2. This ratio allows campers to get the support they need to learn new skills; while, at the same time, not hindering social interactions.

Encouraging positive social interaction alongside recreation participation is a huge focus at Camp Singita.



Independent, or mostly independent, community participation is the long-term goal for our Maasai Mara campers. We put a lot of focus on teaching the hard skills of recreation participation at Camp Singita. We give less energy to ADLs related to recreation participation here. As campers age, we will introduce concepts such as money skills, proper dress for activities, and public transportation.

We are also heavily focused on helping our Singita campers understand recreation as a social activity. Often campers who join us for Singita have a hard time connecting with peers, even when doing the same activity. Thus, we spend considerable time encouraging and creating opportunities for our campers to engage one another through recreation.

We also work hard to identify the adaptions and modifications easy to make or use in the community. Such modifications can include adaptive equipment, but also specific ways to approach the activity that ensure the highest possibility of successful participation.

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