Camp Sabi Sabi


Camp Sabi Sabi is for Campers aged 13-18 (22 when APPROPRIATE) who would thrive in a 3:1 camper to Counselor Ratio




Fee Due:

June 13-18, 2020


JuNE 11, 2020 @ 6pm



At Camp Sabi Sabi, the camper to counselor ratio is 3:1 with a total camper to staff ratio of 1:0.75. This ratio ensures campers get the attention and help they need to master new recreation skills and ensures social skills and friendship development is not hindered. A large part of what we are doing at Camp Sabi Sabi is showing campers the value of peer interactions in recreation. We recognize too much help often get in the way of social skill development.


Friendship and Independence in Focus

Independent community recreation participation is the goal for Camp Sabi Sabi. We strive to teach recreation skills to mastery, the associated social skills, and the ADL's connected. We also spend a lot of time working on developing connections between our campers in the hope they will last past the camp experience. We are striving to create a community for our campers, always, but it is a core focus point for Camp Sabi Sabi.

We also work hard to identify the adaptions and modifications easy to make or use in the community. Such modifications can include adaptive equipment, but also specific ways to approach the activity that ensure the highest possibility of successful participation.

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