Camp Serengeti


Camp Serengeti if for Campers aged 6-12 who would thrive in a 1:1 camper to Counselor Ratio




Fee Due:

July 26-31, 2020


July 24, 2020 @ 6pm


One on One Camper:Counselor Ratio

At Camp Serengeti, each camper has a counselor who is responsible for ensuring their total care. The camper to counselor ratio may be 1:1, but total staff ratio of staff to campers is 4:1. This camper to staff ratio allows us to ensure each camper has all the help they need as they learn new skills and make new friends. It also ensures all our campers are exceptionally well cared for, no matter the level of need.


Focus on Engagement and Participation

We recognize that independent community participation is not a realistic goal for all our Serengeti campers. However, community participation is a very realistic goal.

At Camp Serengeti, we focus on teaching our campers to participate in recreation activities to the highest degree of independent participation, with a strong focus on engagement both in the activity and with co-participants.

We also work hard to identify the adaptions and modifications easy to make or use in the community. Such modifications can include adaptive equipment, but also specific ways to approach the activity that ensure the highest possibility of successful participation.

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