Our Core Values & Cultural Tenets


Our Core Values

We are a group of people dedicated to providing therapeutic residential camping services for children with diverse abilities, seeking to pursue truth and integrity, and committed to increasing the quality of life of the children we serve, their families, and our people in the process

Who we are:

  • We strive to be a camp made of diverse people working together to provide exceptional services and experiences for our campers

  • We strive to be honorable people

  • We strive to be people focused and strength-based

  • We strive to be a faith-friendly camp

What we do:

  • We provide evidenced-based therapeutic residential camping services to children with disabilities

  • We serve as stewards and advocates for children, and families, who allow us to serve them

  • We strive, always, to provide an emotionally and physically safe work and camp environment for our team members and campers

How we do it:

  • We provide exemplary evidenced-based recreational therapy services aimed at increasing camper recreation/leisure skills, ADLs, self-concept, and social skills.

  • We operate with integrity and trust in all that we do

  • We respect, honor, and celebrate what makes each camper we serve, and team who works with us, special

  • We are constantly learning and improving in order to always be providing cutting edge services.

Our Cultural Tenets

  1. We care about each other

  2. We embrace and celebrate diversity

  3. We do what we say we are going to do

  4. We exceed expectations in all areas

  5. We embrace fun as a powerful tool for positive change

  6. We put safety first, always

  7. We are strength-based, person focused, and always assume positive intent

  8. We know everyone has something amazing to offer the world and are always pushing people to use what is special about them to make the world better