Our Promise


We promise We will ALWAYS do all we can, not just to protect, but to improve both the physical and emotional health and wellbeing of your camper.

Allowing us the opportunity to enjoy your camper is a gift, an amazing, miracle of a gift. There are not words to express how much we value the gift you have given us. Taking care of your camper, their total person, is our most sacred duty. Everything we do at Camp Acacia is done with two eyes towards both the physical and emotional safety of your camper.


We promise we will radically accept your camper. We will not only value what makes them unique and special, we will celebrate it, and teach your camper to celebrate it too

It is our fundamental stance that our campers are special, not because of some diagnosis they may have, but because of who they are as people. At Camp Acacia your child will not just be accepted - they will be celebrated, all day, everyday. Who your camper is, exactly as they are, we love. And that is not over-stating it. We both love and like your camper. But it’s not enough for us to celebrate your camper. Your camper should celebrate the magic that is them for exactly who they are, right now and always. We work, in every interaction, to make sure they see their magic, celebrate it, and share it with the world.


We promise we will always take an individualized and strengths-based approach to engaging your camper.

Everyone learns differently. Everyone loves different things. Everyone has things they are great at. And, when you engage someone utilizing the best teaching style from them, focusing on what they do love and can do, and growing from that place people learn more, learn more quickly, and have a better time learning. We are in the business of setting your camper up for success. Always.


We promise we will do aLL we can to show your camper how much they have to offer in service of making a positive impact in the world.

Too often them message kids with diverse abilities receive is that they are here to be served, not to serve. They are taught, implicitly, that they do not have much to offer the world. And this is dead wrong. Your camper has just as much to give the world as anyone else. We want them to know this. We want your camper to understand, deep in their bones, that they can and will make the world a better place. Camp Acacia is explicitly set up so that our campers learn how amazing they are and how to share that with the world. It also explicitly set-up so so our campers learn how much they have to give, and are given opportunities to give back to camp, each other, and our community.


We promise your camper will have a ton of fun while at Camp Acacia.

Summer camp should be, above all, super fun.

Recreation should, above all, be super fun.

We promise to never lose sight of these two simple facts. We want the week your child is at camp with us to be the best week of their year, every year. We want Camp Acacia events to be your camper’s favorite events. We want to be your camper’s favorite place. And we can only do that if we ensure our campers have an awesome time. They will learn, but they will have fun doing it. More, at Camp Acacia, fun is HOW we learn.