Our Philosophy

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Our Camp Philosophy

By teaching children with diverse abilities the skills needed to participate in recreation/leisure activities, they will be better prepared to be an active and engaged member of their community throughout their entire life.

By giving children with with diverse abilities opportunities to serve each other, their communities, and the wider world, we are teaching them that they are valued members of their own communities who have much to offer the world in service of making it a better, more accepting, and loving place.

By helping children with diverse abilities to value themselves, and their Camp Acacia family, they become more confident, engaged, and caring people who are good friends and active members of their community.

And, by imbuing all these actions with a deep sense of wonder and fun, children grow to see and appreciate the beauty, magic, and possibility within themselves, others and the world.

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Our Philosophy of Treatment

At Camp Acacia we approach each camper with positive regard and work hard to gain insight into what makes them tick so we can create experiences, and provide care, that meets each camper’s specific needs.

We recognize that teaching children with diverse abilities to participate in recreation activities is more than just teaching them the technical skills or rules of a given activity, we must teach all social, emotional, and physical aspects of the activity. We do this utilizing the principles of positive youth development in a strengths-based experiential model of treatment. Being strengths-based means we always focus on what the camper can do, and does love, and teach new skills from that place. We use many modalities of treatment and education within our model in order to meet all the specific learning needs of the campers we serve.

We acknowledge that self-determined campers are motivated campers, and we strive to ensure all campers feel competent, autonomous, and connected as a valued member of our community.  We know that campers are special, not because of a diagnosis they have or needs that go along with that diagnosis, but because of who they are and everything we do is aimed at helping each camper we serve bring our what is special within them and share it with the world.