Summer Camps

At the core of all we do are therapeutic residential summer camps. We host week-long summer camp sessions designed to meet the needs and goals of the campers we serve. Our summer camps form the backbone of the Camp Acacia model. They allow us the time and space to dig in and teach recreation, play, social skills, and activities of daily living to our campers.


Acacia Connect

Acacia Connect allows kids who do not have a specific diagnosis to experience the magic of Camp Acacia. Through Acacia Connect siblings, friends, or kids without a diagnosis who can benefit from our program come to Camp Acacia as campers, in a fully integrated and inclusive experience.



Acacia Explore

Acacia Explore the program that allows us to create a bridge from what we learn at camp to the community. Acacia Explore events are monthly community-based activities that enable us to take what we learned at camp and put it into action in the community.



Acacia Grow

Through Acacia Grow, we employ individuals with diverse abilities and teach them work skills that will transfer to non-seasonal employment.